still •nordic•

still •nordic•


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Premium bumbags from the north


still • nordic • is a Scandinavian bag brand that designs and develops bags that are tailored to your everyday needs, expressing your identity and quality that will give you great enjoyment for a long time. The leather used is a natural product. That is, it develops different looks, depending on the particular life of the animals. This is why most nordic products have minor imperfections, stains and scratches. This is the look that proves that the animals have lived a free life where they could rub against trees, rolling in the grass and being bitten by beetles. Just like us humans - sometimes we get bruises and bruises.






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still •nordic• Premium Bumbag

Product no.: 1438

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still •nordic• Bumbag in the croco design

Product no.: 0012

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Still Nordic Bumbag ANOUK

Product no.: 0082

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